We specialize in 3D 360-Degree Panoramas

What we do:

  • We take all the photographs (using our specialized, high-speed equipment) around your venue
  • We process all the shots to create your 360-degree panoramas - see the gallery for examples.
  • We send them to you in DVD format
  • You can also download them from our servers as soon as they are available
  • We can also assist your Webmaster or publisher in incorporating the panoramas into your website or other media

    What we produce:

  • Panoramas are in Flash and Quicktime formats. Other formats are available.
  • Each panorama is supplied in 3 Flash sizes: icon, medium, and large. Other sizes are available.
  • A large Quicktime format is included
  • The supplied DVD will contain all the finished panoramas as described above
  • The DVD will also include a web page (see gallery for example) which contains an index of all the panoramas and links to all available sizes.
  • The contents of the DVD can also be made available as a quick download on request.

    How much:

  • The basic production cost for each 360-degree panorama is $60 AUD.
  • There is a minumum of 5 panoramas per location.
  • If the travel time by car to a location is greater than 40 minutes, a travel charge of $80 AUD per hour (to and from location) will apply.

    Visit our Gallery here.

    Contact us here for a quote or for any questions.