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Order PRE-Flight Align Trex Edition

If you have a Trex Helicopter (or you're thinking of getting one) then this is the No.1 Accessory for you!

PRE-Flight Trex Edition features not one but four beautifully crafted virtual 3D models of the Trex helicopter - the 450, the 450XL, the 450SE, and the 600 versions. All four are so realistic that you wouldn't want to crash them - even if you know you can't cause any expensive damage!

Advanced users please note: PRE-Flight models can be fine-tuned to your model's unique specifications. You can change the appearance of the models to suit your own model. QuickEdit the model in mid-flight and change settings without landing. Sceneries can also be customized using PRE-Flight's built-in Scenery Editor.

See screenshots of PRE-Flight Trex Edition as well as the actual RC helicopter here.

See a list of advanced features of PRE-Flight RC Simulator here.

Here is a list of features:

-Includes four Super-accurate computer models of the Trex for flying in PRE-Flight:
-Trex 450 version
-Trex 450XL version
-Trex 450SE version
-Trex 600 version
-Cable Interface for your Transmitter (please specify below)
-Special Heli Training Scenery
-Training Videos of Pros flying the Trex showing how they move the control sticks

The Trex Edition also includes all features, sceneries, and models of the Standard Edition.

In addition, we throw in a copy of The Flyer's Guide to the Trex for free - a $15.00 value!

Choose the required Transmitter interface to go with your PRE-Flight Trex Edition from the following list: (Note: All prices in US Dollars. Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, or Paypal accepted thru secure 128-bit SSL encryption.)

NEW USB 2-Stick Transmitter Controller with full Software available - click here.

Futaba 2.4 GHz with FM or PPM capability(6-pin square micro socket)...$39.95
Futaba with FM or PPM capability(6-pin square micro socket)...$39.95
Futaba with FM or PPM capability(6-pin round socket)...$39.95
Hitec with FM or PPM capability (6-pin round socket)...$39.95
Spectrum/Spektrum DX6/DX6i...$39.95
Spectrum/Spektrum DX7...$39.95
JR with PPM capability (mono socket)...$39.95
Walkera Dragonfly 6ch with knobs(round socket)...$39.95
Walkera Dragonfly 7ch (PCM and Non-PCM round socket)...$39.95
Walkera Dragonfly 8ch...$39.95
Blade CP (E-Flite) 6ch CCPM(round socket)...$39.95
Blade CX2 (E-Flite)...$39.95
Hummingbird (Century, round socket)...$39.95
4-channel E-Sky/Esky/Honeybee/Twister (round socket)...$39.95
6-channel CCPM E-Sky/Esky/Honeybee2 (round socket)...$39.95
Multiplex (PPM, 5-pin socket)...$39.95
Sanwa/Airtronics (PPM, 5-pin socket)...$39.95
Sanwa (PPM, 6-pin socket)...$39.95
Art-Tech E-Fly (round socket)...$39.95
Tower Hobbies (round socket)...$39.95
Kyosho (square socket)...$39.95
Lexors (round socket)...$39.95
Robbe (5-pin round socket)...$39.95
Oris (round socket)...$39.95
Graupner (stereo socket)...$39.95
Graupner (mono socket)...$39.95
Robbe (2.5mm mono socket)...$39.95
Robbe (3.5mm mono socket)...$39.95
Futaba with FM or PPM capability(2.5mm mono socket)...$39.95
GWS (stereo socket)...$39.95

Plus Postage and Handling to anywhere in the world (add to all orders of PRE-Flight Trex Edition) - $ 5.00. Save! Only $5.00 total postage for multiple items!

Click on the link above or if you prefer fax or airmail, email me using this link ttransce@bigpond.net.au and request an order form.

Print the order form using Microsoft Word then fax it to:

+61-3-9574-9167 (Australia)
Note: Above fax is for ORDERS ONLY - any other communication may be delayed.

Or send it by airmail to:

Transcendental Technologies
Suite 148, 66 Kingsway
Glen Waverley Vic. 3150

Please make sure all information is filled in, including your email

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What's News?

Looking for Simulator for your T-Rex Heli? The PRE-Flight Trex Sim is now available and includes the T-Rex 600! The Spektrum transmitter is also supported. Click here for the best simulator for your Trex Helicopter.

If you already have a USB Controller the Full Version of PRE-Flight is available as a quick download - click here.

Want a sim compatible with the Walkera Dragonfly Helicopter #36, #4, #35, #22E, 36#, 4#, 35#, 22E#, 22E - both CCPM and non-CCPM? Click here.

The PRE-Flight Blade Edition now available. Click here.

The Blade CP 6-channel CCPM Transmitter by E-Flite is now supported by PRE-Flight sim. Click here.

Need a Specific Model in PRE-Flight for your Club or Company? Have a Custom Model made up for a very reasonable cost! Click here.

3D Photorealistic ScreenShots! See New 3D Photorealistic ScreenShots Page.

Fly in your own Virtual Flying Field Find out how to re-create your flying field - visit the PhotoField Page.

Official PRE-Flight Screensaver now available for free downloading! See Other Downloads.

eDimensional's 3D Glasses give you the total immersive experience when used with the PRE-Flight Interface!